Why Integrate?

Our Partnership Vision

Our partnership’s vision is:

“A caring partnership working together with our city communities to enable people to achieve fulfilling and healthier lives and wellbeing.”

To fulfil this vision we must develop integrated services that have individuals, families and communities at the centre of all their activities.  We want everyone to have seamless and enhanced positive experiences of using our services no matter what these are and what sector they are from. We look forward to sharing news of our developments with you.

Watch Sam's Story to see how integration works and the benefits to service users.

Why do We Need to Integrate?

The shape of Scottish society and the health and care needs of our communities are changing. People are living longer, healthier lives and as the needs of our society change, so too must the nature and form of our public services.

In the next 10 years, the number of people in Scotland aged over 75 is likely to have increased by over 25%. In the same period, it’s also estimated that nearly two-thirds of people will have developed a long-term condition by the age of 65. [Read More...]

All Hands on Deck

Health and social care integration: how everyone can play an active part in improving life for people in Scotland sets out emerging conclusions on how best to involve the full range of stakeholders in health and social care integration. It refers in particular to localities, which must be up and running effectively by April 2015, but is relevant to all levels. Download the report.

National Legislation

The Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014 provides the legislative framework for the integration of health and social care services in Scotland. The Legislation Overview summarises the key features of the act.

Integration of health and social care is one of Scotland's major programmes of reform. At its heart, health and social care integration is about ensuring that those who use services get the right care and support whatever their needs, at any point in their care journey. You can read more about the integration of health and social care on the Scottish Government Website.