Principles of Integration

The principles describe what integrated care is intended to achieve and underpin how services are planned and delivered.

Building on the priorities outlined in the 2011 Christie Commission’s vision for the future of public services, the integration planning and delivery principles set out the expectation of a culture of respect and genuine engagement in the planning and delivery of person-centred, high quality integrated care.

The principles are intended to be the driving force behind the changes in culture and services required over the coming years to deliver these reforms successfully and improve outcomes.

They explain what people using services and their carers can expect from integrated services and the behaviours and priorities expected of organisations and people planning and delivering care and support.

Principles of Integration

Services will be provided in a way which:

  • respects the rights of service-users;
  • protects and improves the safety of service-users;
  • improves the quality of the service;
  • best anticipates needs and prevents them from arising; and
  • makes the best use of the available facilities, people and other resources.

Services must be:

  • integrated  from  the point of view of service-users; and
  • planned  and  led  locally  in  a way which  is  engaged  with the community (including in particular service-users, those who look after service-users and those who are involved in the provision of health or social care).

Services must take account of:

  • the particular needs of different service-users;
  • the participation by service-users in the community in which service- users live;
  • the dignity of service-users;
  • the particular needs of service- users in different parts of the area in which the service is being provided; and
  • the particular characteristics and circumstances of different service-users

‘These principles are a single set of shared values which, taken together as a whole, span all activity relating to health and social care integration.’

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Illustration showing patient with health practitioners discussing whether it is safer to keep the patient in hospital or discharge