Key Documents

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  Guide to Information.pdf

The guide to information outlines where you can get key information relating to the Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership

Information Relating to Complaints 

How to make a complaint.pdf

IJB Complaints Handling Procedure.pdf

IJB Financial Regulations 

pdf iconIJB Financial Regulations.pdf

The main objective of the financial regulations is to detail the financial responsibilities, policies and procedure that govern the Integration Joint Board.

 Annual Audited Accounts 6th Feb - 31st Mar 2016

pdf icon Annual Audited Accounts 06 Feb to 31 Mar 2016 SIGNED.pdf

The annual accounts outline the Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership's financial performance from it's establishment on the 6th of February 2016 to 31 of March 2016, and their year-end financial position as at 31st March 2016.

 Reserves Policy

pdf iconReserves Policy.pdf

The Reserves Policy outlines the processes and legislation around the creation, use and assessment of the adequacy of the Integration Joint Board's reserves; and the principles and frequency to be employed in their review.

IJB Standing Orders

pdf iconIJB Standing Orders.pdf

The standing orders demonstrate outline the rules governing the procedures of the Integration Joint Board.

 Strategic Plan

pdf iconStrategic Plan.pdf

The strategic plan shows how the Integration Joint Board will aim to meet the national health and wellbeing outcomes.

 Strategic Risk Register

pdf icon Strategic Risk Register - April 2017.pdf

The strategic risk register shows the high-level risks which may impact the Integration Joint Board's successful delivery of their strategic plan, as well as the controls and mitigating actions.

Aberdeen City IJB Integration Scheme

pdf icon Aberdeen City IJB Integration Scheme.pdf

The Integration Scheme is a document which sets out the key agreements in delegating services and developing the integrated arrangements for health and social care. 

IJB Members Code of Conduct 2016

 pdf iconCode of Conduct 2016.pdf

The 'Code of Conduct' outlines the rules of conduct for members of the Integration Joint Board.

 Members Registers of Interest 

The main purpose of the Register is to provide information about any financial interest which a Member has, or any benefit which he or she receives, which others might reasonably consider to influence his or her actions or words as a member of the Integration Joint Board.

 IJB Voting Members ROI.pdf

IJB Non-Voting Members ROI.pdf