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The Way Ahead: Senior Leadership & Transformation Projects

Welcome to this special edition of Partnership Matters, featuring the senior management structure and our first transformational projects.

The “go-live” date of 1st April 2016 is finally behind us. Our new Partnership is now all of two months old. And now we can all fully focus on what it will take to bring health and social care services truly together and knit them into a seamless whole for the benefit of the citizens of Aberdeen.

It’s for this reason that we decided to produce this Partnership Matters “special”, with a clear and single-minded focus on our emerging new senior management structure and on the first substantive projects which will pave the way for transformation.

The information here should go some way towards explaining where we are now and where we will be heading in the short to medium term.

We should all be very proud of what we have accomplished so far.

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