Personal Outcomes - Personal Experiences

The suite of National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes, together, focus on improving the experiences and quality of services for people using those services, carers and their families.

The right care for me is delivered at the right time

John’s mobility is restricted after his recent fall. It’s important to him that he maintains his independence and that he can look after himself. John’s local health and social care team visit him at home at different times of the day to check he’s ok, eating well and taking his medication. All the different services are working well together and this is enabling John to stay in his own home.

My individual circumstances are considered

Graham has bipolar disorder and a heart condition. His GP referred him to a social worker specialising in mental health, and also the practice nurse who helped him understand his heart condition and how he could manage it. She signposted him to a local cardiac rehabilitation group. Through the social worker, Graham was put in touch with a peer support worker who has helped him to regain his hope for  the future.

I am able to look after my own health and wellbeing

Following her diagnosis with dementia, Mrs Taylor and her family received a great deal of support from a specialist third sector organisation that the practice nurse put them in touch with. This included helping them to learn about self-management and the chance to join a peer support group in a nearby town. They found the mutual support provided by the group invaluable.

I coordinate my family’s health and wellbeing

Jane cares for her husband who has MS and her frail mother who lives over 25 miles away. She has become increasingly depressed, worries constantly about her mum falling and has back pain from lifting her husband. Her GP put her in touch with the social work department. The local carers centre arranged a hoist and care workers to help shower and lift John. A community alarm, bed, chair sensor and falls detector have also been fitted in her mum’s home which has lessened Jane’s worry.

I get the support and resourcesI need to do my job well

Sharon is a Healthcare Support Worker and together with her other colleagues in health and in social care, they combine their broad range of skills and knowledge to deliver a joined-up service to those that they care for. This approach makes Sharon feel like she is not working in silo and it can avoid the scenario where the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing. She gets a great sense of satisfaction being in a team where the person being cared for receives the health and care outcomes that matter most to them.

Services and support are reliable and respond to what I say

Mr and Mrs Taylor’s GP listened as they described their daily challenges with Mrs Taylor’s dementia and diabetes. Mrs Taylor was no longer safe at home and they were both becoming isolated, experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety. The GP, Dementia Specialist Nurse and an Occupational Therapist worked with the Taylors to agree the support that would enable them to stay well at home. The GP also arranged for a Diabetes Specialist Nurse to help

Mr Taylor learn how to support his wife in managing her diabetes.

Support and services I use protect me from harm

Tariq has Down’s syndrome, an associated heart condition and visual impairment. At aged 20, one of his biggest priorities was to leave home and live in his own flat. His mother was worried about whether he would be safe living alone. Tariq’s social worker arranged for his specialist heart nurse to join one of the transition planning meetings so they could talk through the issues. With Tariq, they agreed that they would find a flat for him where support is available if he needs it, and that any minor risks were worth taking.

I am able to live independently

Since leaving school, Tariq has used a personal budget to employ a personal assistant to support him in his daily life. He has also used a small amount of this budget to pay for membership to his local swimming club, which has helped him to stay fit and meet new friends. Tariq continues to receive support from his social worker, GP and specialist heart nurse. This has helped him to self-manage his heart condition and visual impairment and to access different types of support when he needs it. He now feels confident in being able to live the life he has planned for.

I am supported to do the things that matter most to me

From infancy, Mary has had a muscle wasting condition and now requires 24/7 assistance with all aspects of her daily life to live independently at home. Mary receives financial support to employ her own personal assistants who support her to live well and to do the things she wants to. It’s important to Mary that she has this choice, control and the flexibility in her own life.