Our Vision and Plan

Illustration showing health and social care staff along in a planning workshop with members of the community

The integration of health and social care is the Scottish Government’s ambitious programme of reform to improve care and support for those who use health and social care services.

Integrating health and social care is one of the Scottish Government’s top priorities. The wellbeing of the growing numbers of people in Scotland who have complex care requirements, and also  the  wellbeing  of   our  system  of health  and  social  care  as  a whole, will benefit from better joined-up care, better anticipatory and preventative care and a greater emphasis on community-based care.

Integration is all about improving people’s lives, caring for the whole person, and making sure that those working in health and social care are equipped to make best use of their collective skills and resources to improve outcomes for individuals.

In Aberdeen, our approach to integration is focused on person-centred planning and delivery, so that people get the right care, in the  right place, at the right time.

Boundaries of Localities


A Locality is defined as an area that relates to natural communities...

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Aging Wi Opportunity

Welcome to the consultation on the first Joint Commissioning Strategy for Older People in Aberdeen City 2013-23

Image illustrating practitioners/patient considering whether it is safe to disharge a patient

Personal Outcomes - Personal Experiences

The suite of National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes, together, focus on improving the experiences and quality of services for people using those services, carers and their families.

Useful Documents

Guide for Housing Practitioners

This briefing is one of a series being prepared by the JIT in collaboration with the Housing Coordinating Group to explain the implications of health and social care integration as it affect the housing sector.

Health and Social Care Integration - A Guide for Housing Practitioners (Briefing no 2) PDF file icon

Localities Guidance

Localities Guidance Publication Cover

Guidance on what localities are for, the principles upon which they should be established, and the ethos under which they should operate.

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