Buurtzorg FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will the Buurtzorg pilot last?

A. It is anticipated that the pilot will last approximately two years.


Q. I have a permanent contract with NHS Grampian / Bon Accord Care – do I have to give this up if I apply for the job?

A. No – if you are successful in your application, you will be seconded to the test team.  This would have to be in agreement with your current line manager.


Q. I do not work for either NHS Grampian or Bon Accord Care – will I have to leave after the pilot has finished?

A. No. You will be employed on a permanent contract with either NHS Grampian or Bon Accord Care, and may need to move to another team within your organisation at the conclusion of the pilot.


Q. What will the recruitment process look like?

A. You will be invited along for a morning or afternoon session, which will start with a group activity with some of your fellow candidates, and will be followed by an interview.


Q. When will I start?

A. We hope to have the teams in place by the end of the year, however arrangements can be made on an individual basis based on your circumstances.


Q. What age will the clients / service users be, and what type of service users will be cared for by the team?

A.  Service Users will be mostly adults and will have a range of health & social care needs.


Q. Where will I be based?

A. The test teams will be working in Cove and Peterculter. We do not yet know exactly where the teams will be based, but this will be confirmed in the near future.


Q. What hours will I be expected to work?

A. The teams need to provide a service 7 days a week, during the day and in the evening, and also provide an on–call service overnight. The cover required will depend on the needs of service users, and the self-managing teams will be expected to work out how to provide the cover between them.


Q. I currently work part-time, can I apply?

A. Yes – we are happy to consider any hours, this can be discussed further at interview.


Q. As this is a new way of working, what support will be provided?

A. There will be a comprehensive induction and training programme provided for the teams when they start.


Q. As this is a self-managing team, who do I report to if I have any issues?

A. You will not have a line manager as such, however, there will be a coach aligned to your team who can be called upon to support you.


Q. What will I wear?

A. You will be issued with a Bon Accord Care or NHS Scotland uniform depending on who your employer is.


Q. As a support worker, will I be expected to carry out nursing duties?

A. As part of the new way of working, you may carry out some new duties that you don’t currently carry out, with training and support from your colleagues, if this is in the best interests of the service user.


Q. As a nurse, will I be expected to carry out support worker duties?

A. Yes, as part of the new way of working, you may carry out some duties that you don’t currently carry out, if this is in the best interests of the service user.


Q. I am a Trainee District Nurse and will need to do a placement as part of my course. Can I apply?

A. Yes, you are welcome to apply.


Q. How big will the team be?

A. We hope to have 6 whole time equivalents in each team (3 nurses and 3 support workers) – however, if individual team members are part-time, there may be more than 6 people. The team size may increase as the number of service users requiring support grows.


Q. Will all my skills and knowledge be utilised within this team?

A. Yes, the purpose of the new way of working is to provide a high standard of person-centred care, so we are looking for people with a range of skills to work together to achieve this.