Community Nursing and Care Pilot in Aberdeen

We are currently seeking nurses and support workers for an innovative community model of care at home. Interested in joining our team?


Are you: · Passionate about working in a small, self-managing team which requires flexibility and efficiency, a positive & supportive attitude towards colleagues, a focus on principles above personalities, and solutions above problems?

  • Able to manage both simple and complex care situations from intake to completion?
  • Seeking the best possible solutions for each care situation using full-spectrum, holistic care?
  • Keen to learn and use self-management for teams and the solution-focused methods used by our colleagues in the Netherlands?
  • Comfortable communicating with physicians and other professionals?
  • Flexible, adaptable and passionate about the idea of being involved with an organisation that is changing the way care is delivered at home?


What is Buurtzorg?

Buurtzorg is a Dutch model of community nursing. Care is provided by small, self-managing

teams in a given neighbourhood. The care is person-centred, with needs assessed holistically rather than being divided into separate health and social care needs. Building up informal support networks around the individual is key, involving family, friends and the local community.

Excited by this model, in Aberdeen we plan to adapt the principles so that both nurses and support workers are working together in an integrated team.

This model will be piloted by the Aberdeen City Health & Social Care Partnership in two areas of Aberdeen - Cove and Peterculter – starting towards the end of 2017.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to help shape community care and to be part of testing a brand new way of working in Aberdeen, where nurses and support workers combine their skills to support and enable individuals within their own community.

We are currently recruiting for nurses and support workers for our new Buurtzorg teams - to apply click on the links below